For many years Saint Anne’s parishioners have wished for a final earthly resting place near the gathering space of their families and friends. In response to interest from parishioners and in recognition of the growing trend toward cremation, Saint Anne Catholic Church is now ready to bring the vision into reality by the summer of 2015.

Why a Columbarium?

Cemeteries have been a tradition for many years. Because of limited space for full burials and the desire to be buried close to friends and loved ones, a columbarium is a good solution approved by the Church. This consecrated environment provides space for individuals to meditate, reflect, remember, and celebrate the lives of those whose ashes are there.

Care and Location

Saint Anne is committed to the care of the ashes of those placed in the Columbarium. At this time Saint Anne Columbarium will be located on the Our Lady Grotto area, until the final columbarium, according to the Master Plan, is completed.


Saint Anne Parish is responsible for the sale and assignment of niches, financial management, operation, care and maintenance of the Columbarium, reporting to the proper diocesan office of the Diocese of Charleston.


What is a columbarium?
A columbarium is a vault with niches (compartments) for urns containing ashes of the deceased.

Does the Catholic Church approve of cremation?
Yes. Cremation has been allowed by the Church since 1963. For further information on Catholic burial traditions, please visit the USCCB website at

Where is the Columbarium located?
The Columbarium is located in the Our Lady Grotto area. The Columbarium provides an attractive location for grieving, prayer and meditation.

How will the cost of a niche be determined?
The cost of a niche – and related services like interment and disinterment – will be comparable to the prices charged by other Catholic cemeteries in South Carolina.

What is the anticipated cost of a niche in Saint Anne Columbarium?
There are two sizes of niches: 8×8 and 12×12. Two urns can be placed in all niches. For more information on cost and conditions, please call the parish office at (803) 329 2662.

Will these prices ever change?
Yes and no. These are today’s prices and may be raised at any time without notice. However, once you have purchased a niche, there will be no further charges, even if the price should rise in the future.

Can a niche be paid for in installments?
Yes, but only in advance purchase. The full payment must be done before the niche is used.

My spouse is not a Catholic and I want to be buried with my spouse. Are there any provisions whereby we can be placed in the same niche?
Yes. Each niche holds two urns. Your non-Catholic spouse can have a funeral rite in St. Anne Church and then be placed in your Columbarium Niche.

May non-parishioners purchase a niche in St. Anne Columbarium?
Yes, however, there is an increased charge of fees for purchasers who are non-Parishioners or non-Active Parishioners.

May more than two people be interred in a niche?
No. There is sufficient space in a niche for two urns, according to specifications in the Agreement.

May I decorate the area near my niche with flowers?
Additional floral arrangements, flags, statues, or other decorations may not be placed on or near a niche or any other location in Saint Anne Parish property.

How are niches assigned?
You may choose an available niche at the time of purchase from any section in the columbarium. If you choose not to select a niche location, the Parish Administration will select it for you.

What happens if I purchase a niche, never use it, then move away?
Upon receipt of your agreement for the niche, it is the intent of St. Anne Parish to provide a refund of your original purchase price, less 25% of incurred expenses, for those who no longer plan to be interred at Saint Anne Columbarium.