Saint Anne Parish is a living body operated out of a Mission and a Pastoral Planning. This Mission comes from the Gospel and the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. While these are a gift and a direction for us, we must insure that they are lived in the specific challenges and opportunities of our parish community.

Saint Anne fosters a culture of lay-leadership led by the pastor, clergy, lay staff and various councils, ministries and organizations made up of culturally diverse active members of our parish.

Organization Chart

Pastor Team

As our parish grows there are more and more needs and requests for our pastor to be in several different places at one time. The Pastor Team is composed of parish staff individuals that oversee a different area of ministry to allow the Pastor to do what he was primarily ordained to do.

Parish Finance Council

Canon Law mandates a parish finance council in each parish. The role of the Parish Finance Council is to assist the Pastor and parish staff in planning the budget and in overseeing and controlling the financial affairs of the parish (church and school). The Parish Finance Council is accountable to the Pastor who has the responsibility for final decisions, but the Pastor gives serious consideration to their recommendations.

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Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is an advisory body to the Pastor for parish planning. It provides vision and direction to the parish as well as counsel, advice and support to the Pastor. The Council is composed of: Pastor, Parochial Vicar, Parish Manager, School Principal, Christian Formation Director, Finance Council Chairperson, Building Committee Chairperson, and 9 parishioners who represent the views of the parish at large. Parishioners are drawn from the active members of the parish and are ordinarily selected through a collaborative discernment process with the Pastor, and serve a term of three years.

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Parish Office

The parish staff at Saint Anne Parish is dedicated to serving the people of this parish.

Church Staff members may be reached at (803) 329 2662
Fr. Fabio Refosco – Pastor / School Headmaster
Deacon James Hyland – Pastoral Associate / School Chaplain
Deacon Ray Moore – Permanent Deacon
John Hall – Parish Business Supervisor
Elena Ziegler – Faith Formation Director
Melita Talbot-Hill – Parish Secretary
Kay Turner – Parish Bookkeeper
Judann Tine – Accountant
Kendra Foos – Youth Minister
Jermaine Evans – Music Director
Lisa Pecarina – Cantor

School Staff members may be reached at (803) 324 4814
Shaileen Riginos - School Principal
Margie Blair – Facility and Operations Supervisor
Lisa Espinal – Receptionisty
Michelle Burns – Advancement Coordinator
Terrah Shene – Nurse