Welcome to Saint Anne Parish Manual. Please note that this manual is currently under development and its content is incomplete. This manual is intented to help you understand how the parish operates. Every reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy, reliability, and completeness of the policies, guidelines, and procedures in this manual.

The primary source of our policies is the Roman Catholic Diocese of Charleston. In the eventual lack of policy, the Diocesan Policy shall take precedence. For example, Human Resources, Insurance and Contracts.

We hope you find this resource helpful as you engage in the parish and serve to truly transform the world.

Administration Office


Worship & Devotions

Formation & Sacraments

Parish Life

NOTE: Saint Anne Parish Pastoral Council will review the manual annually. The Council will make special concession if a policy, procedure, or guideline revision, amendment, addition, or omission is deemed urgent enough to act on before the annual review.