The Saint Anne Parish Pastoral Council is a consultative body through which the Christian faithful can offer their gifts and “their help in fostering pastoral activity.” The Council consists of Pastor, Parochial Vicar, Parish Business Supervisor, School Principal, Christian Formation Council Chair, Finance Council Chair, Physical Plant Chair and nine members from different areas of the congregation. Members of the Council assist the pastor in his leadership role of evaluating, planning, organizing and promoting all activities and events within the parish. Members of the Council are asked to attend and participate in the meetings by being active and aware of the happenings in the parish, and listening to the parishioners and their concerns.

What does the Pastoral Council do?

  • ASSESS – Advise the pastor on parish matters (extended his eyes and ears).
  • REVIEW – Align the various resources of the parish toward the goals and objectives established in the Parish Pastoral Plan.
  • PROMOTE – Assist groups and individuals in their efforts to minister to the parish by promoting and attending parish events.

Parish Council Members are Eager to Meet You and Hear Your Ideas

Group of PeopleWe have 5 liaisons and 9 parishioners serving in the Parish Council. This dedicated group advises the pastor, enhances parish life through committees, and helps to shape and support the spiritual goals of the St. Anne Parish community. You are invited to ask questions, share concerns, or just stop by and say hello to one of the members. Their goal is to be more visible, more accessible to you in order to learn your needs, interests and concerns, which will help them better to represent you as they provide counsel to the clergy and Parish Administration.


  • Worship Council – Bill Rife
  • Christian Formation Council – Mrs. Elena Ziegler
  • School Council – Principal Shaileen Riginos
  • Parish Office – Deacon John Hall
  • Physical Plant Committee – Mr. Rob Worley
  • Finance Council – Mr. Ralph Domenick

Congregation Members

  • Ed Fitzgerald, Joseph Geraci, Jamie Raad – Term ends December 2016
  • Paula Rife, Maureen Johnson, Chuck Thompson – Term ends December 2017
  • Patrick and Dena McFadden, Victoria Dung Nguyen, Ginger Peters – Term ends December 2018

Meetings: Every fourth Tuesday of the month, except July and December.

Time: 6:30pm
Where: School Library


PPC Handbook

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