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What is our Master Plan? Our master plan is an organized effort to achieve a vision and it is a road map to show how we can continue to grow and minister to the needs of our parish community. The site Master Plan is a conceptual layout for a site. It looks at historically placed buildings, the next phase of growth, and the future growth. It will outline a logical phased growth plan and indicate the maximum potential usage of a site.

How do you create a Master Plan? First a topographic survey of our property will be completed. Next, the overall land is analyzed with respect to streets, easements, buffers, zoning, setback, flood plains and natural features. The land remaining is the actual usable acreage. Then a study of all of the activities and events that take place at Saint Anne Parish will be conducted to determine the best use of current building and indicate what future construction needs look like. 

Who is in the Building Committee? The Building Committee members include: our Pastor, Rob Worley (Chair), Mark Eddie, Carl Grein, Bill Rife, Karen Stuber, Donna Willis and Erik Lengers.

Who are the selected architect and General Constructor? ADW is the Architect Firm and JM Cope Construction Company is the General Constructor. These two firms have vast experience in both master planning and sacred architecture. We will continue to keep you informed and will be asking for input as we make progress in shaping a vision for the future of Saint Anne Parish.

Key Elements of the Plan

Additional Parking - As St. Anne Parish continues to grow our parking needs have increased. We currently have space for approximately 210 automobiles. The proposed plan increases number of spaces available by 50%. For years we have been blessed by the generosity of our neighbor across the street (Trinity School) that has allowed us to park in their lot on nights and weekends. However, this fall Trinity Church relocated their worship activities to the school campus and their parking lot is no longer available to us on weekends. Therefore additional parking has taken on a new urgency. The proposed parking area will be asphalt on a crushed rock base and include curb, gutter and sidewalks.

Columbarium - For many years it has been the wish of St. Anne parishioners to have a columbarium and memorial garden to intern the ashes of our deceased friends and families and to memorialize our loved ones. The Plan calls for an open air chapel to be used for services and house columbarium niches. In addition there will be a garden around the chapel that will contain additional niches and opportunities for memorials as well. The idea is for the Chapel and Garden to be in a wooded setting linked to the church by a path that will eventually contain outdoor Stations of the Cross. By locating the columbarium and garden away from the church building it can be readily expandable.
Upgrade the Existing Kitchen to a Commercial Kitchen - The Plan calls for upgrading our existing kitchen to full commercial cooking status. Our kitchen was constructed with the school building in 1998. It is basically a warming kitchen and contains residential cooking equipment. There is no commercial exhaust hood with fire suppression and therefore we are not permitted to do any frying and only very limited surface cooking by SC DHEC regulations. Our Knights of Columbus and other organizations either cook outside or purchase and serve pre-cooked food that is warmed up in the kitchen. The Plan calls for the ability to cook and serve medium sized meals for 100-200 people. Larger gatherings can still be catered. The kitchen will remain its present size but we will install a stainless steel commercial exhaust hood with fire suppression and new commercial cooking equipment. St. Anne School wants to continue using the kitchen as a warming kitchen for hot lunches (pre-cooked pizza, etc.) and has no plans to cook meals for students. The kitchen will meet all current health regulations. Finally, an outdoor covered pavilion will be constructed with easy access to the kitchen. The pavilion can be used for barbeques, fish fries, a picnic shelter or even an outdoor classroom.
Additional Administrative Space - Since our church building was constructed in1992 our parish staff has increased from a pastor and three administrative personnel to now include a pastor, parochial vicar, three deacons and an administrative staff of five people. In addition with the growth of our parish we now have more and larger parish organizations that require meeting space. In short we have outgrown our administrative area. The Plan calls for constructing a new administrative area that will join the church and school buildings. The new area will house not only the church staff but the school administrative staff as well. This will allow us to reduce some duplicated efforts. The new administrative area will contain a single entry to be used during weekdays for both the school and church buildings. This will improve security by limiting access to our buildings. The new administrative area will have room for future growth and ample meeting space.
Drive-Through Canopy at Church Entrance - Our church building was originally designed to have a drive-through canopy at the front door to be used during bad weather and by those that need assistance. The canopy was not constructed due to cost considerations at the time. As our parish has grown our need for the canopy has increased and is an important element of our Master Plan.
Campus Storage Space - Storage space for our campus and various organizations is very limited. We have compensated somewhat with trailers and portable buildings. The Knights of Columbus, St. Vincent DePaul, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and other organizations all have storage needs. The Plan calls for construction of a secure, pre-engineered metal building. The building will have lights, ventilation, wiring for communications and water service. Heating and air conditioning will be limited. There will be no offices or rest room facilities.
Additional School Classroom Space - The Plan includes the potential for expanding the school building  to an additional three classrooms to be shared by St. Anne School and our ongoing Religious Education Program.

The Master Plan is a valuable tool for fund raising but we believe that the parish should understand that at this time it is still a planning document and subject to changes as new information warrants it.